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I sometimes find myself to be a bit of contradiction,

as a person as well as an actor. We are all complex and constantly changing, trying to make sense of ourselves and the world surrounding us.


I love simplicity and clarity, down to earth acting. Film as a medium. And I love Shakespeare and poetry.


I find the magic to happen in the truthfulness, weather it is classical text or a modern film script.

While I was in Drama School, I had my personal break through when I was pushed by my instructor to find my voice and power as Titania in Shakespeare`s

"A Midsummer Nights Dream".


This showed me the importance of finding a deeper mental understanding through researching my own emotional background as well as the text and the physicality of the character in question. Breaking things down to something concrete and understandable, something that makes sense to you. Still it can be so much more and bigger than you, without loosing its truth.


I have recently finished my first lead in a loose footage film, where all dialog is based on improvisation. This way of working requires a lot of character and background work, in order for your physicality and reactions to belong to the character.


You will always use aspects of yourself and your own undestanding when understanding and becoming a character. I love the challenge of improvisation based work and can`t wait for my next film project with this starting point.

Plans are being made for a new production this year.




For clips from work that I have done please click here.



photo: Linda Steinhoff Berlin 

photo: Ken Sivertsen, Villa Stenersen 2012

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