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When I was a child, I travelled the world together with my family. 

I was always struck hard by the facts of life outside of my little safe bubble. Languages, cultures and characters fascinated me. A lot. My family had to live with never ending impersonations, radio shows, news and stories from the back seat. Dramatic claims of adopting people we came across or heartbreaking separations.

Vivid imagination and strong emotions, in addition to my love of playing, came to its right when I discovered the road of acting. 

I call it the road, as it is a path I started walking on long before I could even begin to explain what it was about, and a road I will walk and live, play and fight with for the rest of my life. Regardless of outer elements, such as where I live, work and practise.

Through acting and creative expression-I find my place in the world.

….and sometimes get lost in it, for the same reasons.

Photo: Marco Di Fillipo

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