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Writing synopsis and script

Writing a synopsis and script for a film project: "Moments"

Ella Marie is an old woman who relives important, vivid moments from her life as she is driven to the nursing home by her son.

It is the small moments as well as the big ones that come to her on her last journey. They are beautiful, real and vivid moments-the moments that are her life. It is not sentimental, but moments of joy and life. The idea came to me after a visit with a family member with last stage of Alzheimers and the magic of that one moment where she was here, in a mutual moment, meeting with someone who used to be special to her.

The film is a question to our society and the way we look at old age, how we handle the coming "tsunami" of pensioners, people who will rely on the younger generations to understand their need for life, beauty, joy and moments, like the rest of us.

I am looking for a production company, and SYNOPSIS and SCRIPT is ready to be sent of (in Norwegian).

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